Storage Services

Storage Services

At Weaver Car Storage we can create a tailored package to suit you.

Not only do we provide storage for your vehicle but we can provide a full range of services for your vehicle.

Storage Services

Trickle Charging

Protect your vehicles battery with a trickle charger. Our CTEK chargers will maintain your batteries charge and health.

If your battery discharges over long periods of storage, this will damage the cells and it will never hold a full charge again.

We have paired up with CTEK to provide a solution.

Storage Services

Car Covers

Super soft, super stretchy and breathable cover hire available.

We recommend a cover to stop dust settling on your vehicle but most importantly a breathable cover so moisture is not trapped under the cover.

The car should be clean before applying a cover. Ask about our valeting service for more information.

Storage Services

Carcoon / Air Chamber

Add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle by keeping it in an Carcoon or Air Chamber.

With our Airchambers you can simply unzip the door and drive in. This gives a better level of protection than our covers as it is not touching the car. The car is in its own bubble with air circulation and in a dust free environment.

Storage Services

Dedicated Camera

With a dedicated camera you can view your vehicle 24/7 from your smartphone for added peace of mind.

Storage Services


Enjoy the ease of on-site MOT's. Remove the stress of having to book your vehicle in for an MOT and let us take care of everything for you.

Storage Services


On site servicing available on request.

Storage Services

Vehicle Checks

Battery checks, tyre checks & coolant checks.

Storage Services

Recovery / Transport

Vehicle Recovery and Transport. Visit our Vehicle Transport page for more information.

Caravan / Motorhome Habitation Check

Caravan and Motorhome Service and Habitation Check.

VEHICLE Valeting

Storage Services

Our Gold Valet

Prices based on size:

  • Snow foam pre wash to remove any contamination.
  • Wheels and wheel arches fully cleaned and jet washed.
  • Two bucket wash with deep pile lambswool mitt.
  • Application of hydrophobic coating.
  • Rinse With purified water, towel dry and application of quick detailer.
  • Hoover and dust down of all interior.
  • All glass cleaned and a complimentary air freshener.

Price: £72.00 (inclusive of VAT)

Additional Valeting

We can also offer: (price on application)

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Wax application
  • Gtecniq Ceramic coating application
  • and much more...
Storage Services
Storage Services
Storage Services